March 20, 2023

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar – You may be wondering: what does the Golden Bear (GBO) look like? Below are two sample applications for GBO Spring 2023: UCEAP students, transfer students, freshmen. These may be subject to changes in pending programs, seat availability, etc.

We understand that a model created for most students may not suit all individuals; If, after reading the examples below, you think you may need accommodation during the GBO, please write at the bottom of this page * to find instructions for the request of those houses.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Immediately after GBO Check-in, you will meet your GBO small group leaders and other students who are checking in for the organization. You will be with this team throughout GBO. Students participate in discussions and groups with a small group of their peers and Leaders (OL). OL Choice is when your OL chooses a special program for your team.

New York Central Railroad 2023 Wall Calendar

Meals will be served throughout the GBO. You will be assigned a place and time for each meal. You can join a program and switch to a program for example. Display of resources. All foods can provide options for dietary needs.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

During the convocation, Chancellor Carol Christ and campus administrators will welcome the incoming class to UC Berkeley. It is an opportunity to join the class of new students and introduce them to the wider campus.

The Transfer Student Welcome is a partnership program with the Transfer Center whose main goal is to welcome all students to the Berkeley community and discuss the services and resources available to them.

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Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center At Berkeley

Res Hall meetings are a special time to connect with full-time staff. These people will provide key information about your new home and will continue to be a resource for you after the GBO.

Late Night Programming offers opportunities to explore the campus and its surroundings and experience Cal entertainment. Most importantly, Late Night Programming allows new students to connect with their teammates and other new and exciting Cal students! Although programs are organized throughout the night, these events are optional. Programs will be held every night before 22:00.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

University programs include programs designed by each university (e.g. Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources) to prepare students for life in that particular educational environment. These events will include an introduction to your university and other detailed information to discuss what you can expect from your university and your course. Check out the Cal Events app for special events related to your major. Note: EAP students are not required to participate in college programs. Note: EAP students are not required to participate in college programs

Berkeley High School

Cal to Career Connections is a presentation of the Career Center. The show will feature a variety of consultants offering expert advice and tips on how to use the resources of the Cal community to advance your career. . We understand that this time is subject to college scheduling and may not be available to everyone.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

The Campus Department Resource Fair will welcome incoming students from more than 40 campus departments, including Berkeley Study Abroad and University Health Services. The presentation will be in person and will provide the opportunity to interact directly with staff from various campus departments.

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The Bear Foundations hope to start or continue the community conversation and orientation for new students. During the large group program and other small group discussions, students will learn about UC Berkeley’s Principles of Community, Otherness, and Belonging, and reflect on their identity and connection to campus. New students will know they play an active role in creating a healthy and safe culture at Cal and will leave this program thinking about how to improve their communities at Cal. We want new students to continue to explore stories of identity, communication, community through a variety of settings and mediums. published.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Berkeley Minimum Wage Local Ordinance Supplemental Poster

Transfer students have the opportunity to learn career advice and information from veterans working in different organizations. New students are assigned a special time to attend the Alumni Mixer on Saturday.

Students will be able to hear from some of our Mentors about their golden years at Berkeley right now. The goal of My Golden Years is to expose students to the diverse and educational experiences of students at Berkeley.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Bear Pact is a must-attend survey to educate yourself about important issues facing college students: sex and bullying , related policies, reporting options and resources, mental health, bystander stress, alcohol and drugs. Learn about the many ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle and campus resources that can help you in this pursuit. You will also find plans for taking care of friends, colleagues, and roommates.

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Daily Schedule & Calendar — Arbor Preschool In Berkeley & Oakland

After two days at GBO, we know you’ll want to spend more time exploring Telegraph Ave and trying one of the many local restaurants surrounding the campus. The Berkeley city ticket will share some of the history of this city that is now your new home and includes dinner at a restaurant. in the local area.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Your Berkeley experience extends beyond campus and we know many of you are eager to explore the Bay Area. Days on the Bay will take you somewhere in the Bay Area (past tours have included SF MOMA, Exploratorium, Oakland Museum, Oakland Ice Rink, 90s Museum, Bay Cruise). Check back closer to January for details on what’s available for January’s GBO. All transportation and entrance fees will be included.

Traditional GBO! Come add your name to the Class of 2024 or Class of 2026 banner. These will be posted at graduation. Complete the Berkeley Workbook!

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar

Uc Berkeley Campus Tour

All good things must come to an end, and GBO is no exception. The end of small groups and Leaders is a chance to end the week and look ahead to the upcoming semester. At the end of the group there will be dinner.

We know that a model created for most students does not fit all. Please read our policy for more information about our participation requirements, and to let you know how we can better serve your needs.

Uc Berkeley 2023 To 2023 Calendar


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