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Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24 – Meaningful use of the benefits of digital technology. At TRICOL, we use technology in teaching and it enhances learning. We believe this will allow students to compete globally and adapt to any situation.

Outstanding results in national and international exams. Our students have gone on to represent Nigeria in some international competitions and have won awards such as the Best Conducting School at the Nigeria Model International Secondary Schools United Nations (NISSMUN), Science Olympiad, etc.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

We are committed to growing positive and productive movements. Apart from being good followers, TRICOL students are also strong and confident leaders who are an effective tool for change in various spheres of influence.

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School, Author At Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School

Protect yourself and those around you by knowing the truth and taking the right precautions. Follow the advice given by the college management.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

The quality of our teaching, the outstanding results and the character of our students are indicators of the depth of the work we do. A Tricol student is prepared to be a positive and productive influencer in any situation. We don’t just grow, we grow. good followers but strong leaders willing to make changes in their various circles of influence.

TRICOL has a reputation for good results in national and international examinations. Our students have represented Nigeria in some international competitions and are recognized as the school with the best education. In prestigious international competitions such as the Model United Nations International Secondary Schools of Nigeria (NISSMUN), Science Olympiad etc.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Wingate University Academic Catalog 2022 2023 By Wingate University

Trinity International College was introduced to me and my husband by our friend Professor Alonge, who was the Managing Director of UCH Hospital Ibadan. In 2008, Etseogena merged with Etseoghena Trinity and Onwuosiuno in 2014. Major impacts of the college on our constituency include:

We welcome parents who are still unsure about college. We have been ambassadors for Trinity since the beginning, so we fell in love with the school and their exhibitions. We have brought many families into the school and they have given good feedback about the school. I always tell parents that TRICOL is an affordable school that meets most of the requirements of a comprehensive education without compromising on standards.

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Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

The children were introduced to Trinity International College through a partner who had studied here, and the school was ranked second in the country for academic achievement and very competitive for entrance exams. Trinity International College has largely met our expectations. We wanted a school that would teach morals to children and we found it at Trinity. The school has maintained its reputation for both academics and ethics. They excelled in the 2019 external examinations with the best performances in the country in at least three subjects. Despite the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when schools were closed and students stayed at home, his studies were not interrupted until the school turned into classrooms. virtual teaching and until she started physical education at no extra cost to her parents.

School Calendars For Next Year Under Consideration

1. Time management: The school has helped my child to improve his time management.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

2. One at a time: My child was patient with everything. He does not live with his brothers. He helped a lot with housework and other things.

Spiritually he has improved a lot, his prayer life is wonderful and he has shown a wonderful attitude towards reading God’s Word as well. In conclusion, the school has greatly contributed to my son’s development in all aspects.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Dicke Hall Grand Opening

Trinity International College is located at Trinity Hills, Ofada, Ogun State. Ofada is the name of the first settler and founder of the city. Ofada Town is a peaceful, unpolluted and thriving environment.

It is located at kilometer 39 of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. It is 35 minutes from Lagos, accessible via Redemption Camp, Mowe Junction next to RCCG and 25 minutes from Sagamu via Owode-Egba. – in the classroom, on campus and around the world.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Meeting people, visiting the campus and exploring the vibrant city are the best ways to discover the many opportunities available to students.

Diversity And Inclusion Task Force Report By Trinity University

Student-led campus tours and meetings with admissions representatives are available most weekdays and on select Saturdays.

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Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Connect to the college search process wherever you are in the world! Explore additional learning opportunities, meet with admissions counselors, or take a campus tour when it’s most convenient for you.

Take a virtual tour of our campus and see where students like to meet, play, study, hang out, run, celebrate, think, or take into our overviews.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Trinity News Magazine

Whether you’re on or off campus, follow this guided tour through the residential and academic areas of campus.

Take this opportunity to differentiate yourself in a competitive pool of applicants and learn more about admissions, financial aid and scholarships.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Learn about faculty, staff and student experience, the admissions process, and financial aid options. You can also ask the panel your own questions.

Arts & Science College For Women

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in America with economic demand in the medical, biomedical, biotechnology, tourism, technology and military industries. Its proximity to Mexico makes it a cultural hub for Latin America.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Uniquely located in the heart of this thriving community, just 3 miles from downtown and the airport. – Bachelor of Biological Sciences – Bachelor of Broadcasting Arts – Bachelor of Communication Arts – Bachelor of Psychological Science – Bachelor of Early Childhood Education – Bachelor of Secondary Education –

Accredited by FAAP Level IV, the College of Culture, Science and Education seeks to strengthen students’ understanding of the accumulated knowledge of humanity, develop their ability to overcome various problems and become a person humane and responsible. a member of an ever-changing global community. It aims to promote a liberal arts education that allows students to meet the demands of cultural change and paradigm shifts; Provide students with scientific and technological knowledge that contributes to innovation and the development of human life; developing experiential learning skills by engaging students in creative college-community collaborations; instills Christian values ‚Äč‚Äčthat guide the development of moral, ethical and professional leadership.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Schedule A Visit

The College of Arts and Sciences was established in 1963. It was one of the three institutions offering undergraduate courses in the early days of Trinity College, Quezon City, which was established as a mission school a- out of the ashes of Capitol City College. The college began in November 1968 with the Arts and Sciences Building (now the Lyman C. Ogilby Building) as one of its campus buildings in Cathedral Heights, Quezon City. It was built with a grant from the Dutch government.

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At the opening ceremony, the college prepared students from the Department of Classics for admission to the seminary (St. Andrews Theological Seminary, high school) and those who wanted to take the three-year general nursing course take It opened the way for students to study Christian education, philosophy and English

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

In 1971, the College of Arts and Sciences offered two programs in English, Filipino, Philosophy, Mass Communication, History, BA in Political Science, and BA in Mathematics and Psychology. In 1992, other programs such as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Biology, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Bachelor of Arts in Church Music were launched.

Trinity International College

In 2001, some programs such as AB in Philosophy, History, Political Science and BS Mathematics were cancelled. English and Filipino degrees were transferred to education to avoid competition for college admission. A communications major then specializes in broadcast and communications management.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

In 2006, the college implemented the ASHE program of the College of Nursing until the new curriculum was implemented in 2008. In 2003, a new course was offered to the AB in Legal Administration with a Level 3 accredited privilege.

It became an independent college in 2006 and 2008 after developing programs in Human Resource Management, Tourism and Computer Science respectively. The Regional Quality Assessment Team has approved CAS to offer direct programs in AB Broadcasting, BS Psychology, and BS Biology beginning in the 2008-2009 school year. The College of Arts and Sciences was awarded Level 4 accreditation status, the highest level of program accreditation, by FAAP in 2010, approved by ACSCU – AAI.

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Trinity Christian College

The College of Education was merged with the College of Arts and Sciences in 2017 due to admissions issues. Four programs were implemented in CASE, Bachelor of Biology, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Bachelor of Arts in Communication. AASCU-AAI was awarded Level III status in 2017.

CAS is a service unit for other colleges such as Nursing and Medicine

Trinity University Academic Calendar 2023 24


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