March 20, 2023

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22 – For the 2023-2024 school year, Hilliard City Schools must recognize the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr as a district-wide holiday for all students.

The Hilliard Board of Education on July 7 unanimously approved the 2025-26 school calendar for the 2025 school year that includes Eid as a district holiday but excludes the holiday for the 2022-23 school year, which begins on August 17.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

Amendments to previously approved schedules are permitted for all school district students. The game ended 5-0.

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The move followed a meeting in May where Islamic students asked the board to allow a school holiday similar to Friday.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

“The students brought this matter to the committee in the spring. The committee was very happy and instructed the administration to look into the matter,” on July 8. said council president Nadia Long.

Long said the decision was made in part to address the disruption to education caused by students’ absences during the holidays.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

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“Technically this year, about 20% of our students didn’t get a day off, which is disrupting the learning process for all of our students. It’s another reason to have a day off,” Long said.

“Making it easy for students to celebrate the holiday without missing schoolwork demonstrates our district’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity.”

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

As of July 7, no students or parents had contacted the council about the changed school schedule, but they did not know if it would be considered.

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Sumaya Hammad, a parent of three children in Hilliard City Schools, said she expects a good vote on July 8.

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Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

“We are very grateful to all the members of the committee who voted for the change, the entire Muslim community is very happy with this recognition,” said Hammadmad.

Adding a Muslim holiday to the school calendar gives students “a sense of belonging and belonging,” she said.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 2023 And 2024

Amina Barhoumi, executive director of the Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, thanked the board for considering the students’ appeal.

“We applaud the advocacy work of these students and the Hilliard Board of Education for recognizing this important holiday for Muslims,” ​​Barhoumi said.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

“Throughout the year, CAIR-Ohio responds to requests from Muslim students regarding excused absences for Eid and other Islamic observances. These areas are not an integral part of an inclusive environment; But one should practice his faith without discrimination. In addition to the Eid al-Fitr event, the district is also sending an important message that all students, staff and families are valued.

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The school board’s decision came after Muslim students led a campaign to lobby for changes to the schedule and presented the district with a petition with more than 1,600 community signatures to include the holiday. After the students petitioned and appealed to the board in April, the district conducted an investigation and recommended that the schedules be revised through 2026.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

On April 11, members of the council were approached by Muslim students asking that the Muslim holiday, which falls on a different day every year because it depends on the calendar of the month, be added to the district’s holiday calendar and be recognized as equivalent to Good Friday. . the environment

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The students said they are collecting signatures to bring the petition to the board on May 9.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

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“The board of education was very impressed with the students who spoke to the board and shared their feelings about this request,” April 18.

“This piqued our interest, so I’m asking (Superintendent David Stewart) to review the application and follow the recommendations,” Long said.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

The district sets the school’s annual schedule, which the board of education votes on, Long said.

Back To School 22 23 / 2022 23 Back To School Information

“The administration can recommend changes to the schedule and change the voting date,” Long said.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

“If there are any changes, we want to keep our families informed as much as possible.”

This year, Eid al-Fitr falls on May 2; Next year it will be April 22. Eid al-Adha falls on July 10 this year and June 28 next year. On both days, most public schools are on summer vacation.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

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Eid is a word that means feast or festival, and Muslims celebrate two major holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Hammad said.

Eid al-Adha falls about two and a half months after Eid al-Fitr and marks the time of the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

According to Barhoumi, the time of the Eid al-Adha holiday will be considered in the calendar after 2026, when the holiday will start the school year.

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Bushra Alhary, a freshman at Coffman High School in Dublin, told council members in May that “it’s really hard when you miss school because there’s so much work,” and urged Hilliard to “be the district the first in Ohio to recognize that.” this holiday’ and that doing so could start a ‘great wave of change, acceptance, inclusion and cultural diversity’.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

“We’re very happy that all our hard work has paid off (and) we’re proud of all the people who helped us achieve this. Because Hilliard voted for this, it inspired Dublin to do the same (and we hope it inspires others do the same) get what you want, like me and my friends did. To fight, “Alhariy said on July 11.

Several students told council members that while public school districts in other states, such as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, celebrate Eid as a holiday, no one in Ohio does.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

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“I hope Dublin and other districts take the right steps for their Muslim students,” Hammadmad said.

The Ohio Department of Education does not collect information on holidays that individual districts observe until each district meets the minimum instructional time requirements during the school year, said Lacey Snoke, interim director of communications and press secretary for the Office of Communications. and Outreach, Ohio Department of Education.

Hilliard City Schools Calendar 21 22

“Districts make decisions based on their school schedule (but) they are required to maintain a minimum number of hours,” Snoke said.

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