March 20, 2023

Hijri Calendar 2023 Converter

Hijri Calendar 2023 Converter – I work on many projects with date conversion. For example, I study the Gregorian calendar and how to convert it to Gregorian and vice versa. In terms of the number of days in a year, the solar calendar (Persian calendar) is almost the same as the Gregorian calendar [jump].

But lately I’ve been working on a project with a calendar. When I searched in the lunar calendar, I found no other way to change from lunar to solar (as far as I know).

Hijri Calendar 2023 Converter

Hijri Calendar 2023 Converter

When I followed the link above to train and test the person who came up with the algorithm, I realized that none of them were correct.

Islamic Calendar 2022: Islamic Holidays 2022

Just change “1441/02/30” [Safar 30th] to the Gregorian date you want to try, so to speak.

Hijri Calendar 2023 Converter

Then, I’m trying to understand is there an algorithm to convert a Hijri date to a Gregorian date?

UPDATE: I know of no real library that does. But if anyone has knowledge or information about hijri calendar (all its features) please explain here I want to send hijri calendar to everyone.

Hijri Calendar 2023 Converter

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