March 20, 2023

High Point University Academic Calendar 2023 24

High Point University Academic Calendar 2023 24 – With the support of families and GPS staff, Gilbert Public Schools will officially transition to a new school calendar beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. The new calendar means students and staff have two weeks off for fall, winter and spring. The board officially approved the new calendar in February 2021, after a survey showed that both the GPS family and the staff were happy with the decision.

The school year begins eight days before the current school year, with the first full day of classes beginning July 26, 2022. This early start ensures that students are given more opportunities for enrichment programs and learning activities when needed. . Teachers in our campus will continue to receive vocational training as per the previous school calendar. As fall and spring vacations are delayed, careful consideration is given to avoid disrupting the learning environment.

High Point University Academic Calendar 2023 24

High Point University Academic Calendar 2023 24

Gilbert Public School will now have a similar schedule to neighboring districts, including Chandler USD, Higley USD and Queen Creek USD. GPS students and staff will continue to have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, as well as a short spring break weekend. Vacations make it easier for families to prioritize time and plan trips. For families concerned about childcare needs, Gilbert Public Schools continues to offer youth sports programs and summer camp programs.

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In the first stage, preparations begin for the school year, when the temperature can be a problem for some days. If there is a day with warm-up instructions, GPS elementary students will be inside and provide video board games and other fun activities for fun. Schools will determine appropriate activities based on the needs of their student population.

High Point University Academic Calendar 2023 24

The new school calendar means that players on the top GPS Junior spots move to four seasons, allowing each school to add junior volleyball players to their roster. In addition, football will be expanded for boys and girls in grades seven and eight. The senior youth season will last nine weeks, including qualifiers, with some adjustments to the schedule. Gilbert Youth Athletics will also provide opportunities for athlete development. View the 2022-2023 high school sports schedule now online. GPS players and families with questions about the impact of the calendar on youth athletes can contact their school’s athletic director. The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) will continue to monitor and manage GPS high school athletes.

The new calendar changes will also take effect for the 2023-2024 school year. The first day of entry this year is July 25, 2023.

High Point University Academic Calendar 2023 24

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