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Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023 – Are you going to Walt Disney World? Are you ready to start planning your next visit? You should check out our Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar! There you will find out what the daily rush will be like, what weather you can expect and what seasonal experiences you can enjoy.

This calendar is based on historical events as we know them today and personal experiences. Walt Disney World is an ever-changing travel destination, and crowds, weather, or seasonal experiences may vary from what we expect.

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

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Disney World Crowds In 2023

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Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

The crowd pattern at Walt Disney World has changed quite a bit in recent years. The introduction of tiered tariffs (in 2016) had a significant impact on the mass pattern that persists to this day.

Some traditionally slow times have grown tight, and historically busy times have slowed considerably. Much of the summer has gone from extremely busy to moderately busy (not even the 4th of July

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Disney World Crowd Calendar For 2018 & 2019

With the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the temporary closure of WDW in 2020 and countless guests canceling their trips due to travel restrictions and safety concerns, only time will tell how this unique (arguably the least! ) situation would develop . The impact on the WDW crowd continues.

January folks at Disney World have a head start, with New Year’s being possibly the busiest day of the year at WDW! After the Lunar New Year is over, the EPCOT International Arts Festival (my personal favorite annual EPCOT festival!) begins.

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

February is one of the best months of the year to visit WDW. The EPCOT International Arts Festival continues and attendance is sparse throughout the month… Except for Presidents’ Day week which always draws large crowds.

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In March, spring break increases visitor numbers dramatically. But if you visit any other time of the month you will find breathtaking temperatures and enjoy the EPCOT International Garden Festival.

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Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Crowd) round off the special events in April. Low crowds, warm temperatures and special seasonal events make April an exciting month at WDW.

Memorial Day weekend marks the (unofficial) start of summer at WDW, and it’s been quite a hectic weekend for the past few years! From the opening of Pandora – World of Avatar to the launch of the recent Incredible Summer special campaign, Memorial Day weekend has been hectic (but

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

July At Disney World (crowd Calendar) • Mickey Central

) time of year. But you can still enjoy great pool weather with moderate crowds during EPCOT International Flower Garden from early to mid-May.

Temperatures start to rise in June, but crowds range (thankfully) from low to moderate. The EPCOT International Garden and Flower Festival runs throughout the month with Gay Day (4 consecutive days) taking place at the beginning of the month!

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Spending the 4th of July (despite the crowds) at WDW is something I think every Disney fan should do at least once! It was great to see so many guests in red, white and blue in the parks, also decorated for the patriotic occasion. EPCOT Fireworks and Magic Kingdom will leave you amazed and ready to come back next year (trust me I was there)! But if you know me, you won’t be too surprised to learn that my 4th of July must-attend at WDW is the Voice of Freedom, which will be playing their highlight show of the year (many of them). times a day) outside at the American Garden Theater!

Things You Should Know About Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar

August is a rainy month with few visitors at WDW, all leading to the start of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival at the end of the month. If extreme heat is your thing, August would be a great time to take advantage of those small crowds… Remember to allow extra time to enjoy the resort’s pool!

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Having experienced the incredibly hot weather at WDW in September for the last few years, I have a (personal) theory that September is the hottest time of year to visit WDW (especially at the beginning of the month). ). Over Labor Day weekend, the crowds almost matched the temperature! Labor Day is becoming an increasingly popular time to visit WDW, but crowds tend to thin out after this busy weekend. Also, in September, the Halloween season is in full swing!

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Season to visit WDW! Visitor traffic varies greatly throughout the month (it’s even more important to consult our visitor calendar when planning your trip). In addition to the many Halloween celebrations throughout October, the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival runs throughout the month.

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

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The festive season kicks off at WDW in November (right after Halloween) with a very rapid transition from pumpkin and leaf decorations at parks and resorts to Christmas trees, lights, garlands and paraphernalia.

In mid/late November, the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival also ends, making way for the EPCOT International Holiday Festival!

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

At WDW, all months are magical, but December may be the most magical of them all. From Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party (Magic Kingdom) to Sunset Greetings (Disney’s Hollywood Studios), the Christmas spirit at WDW is amazing… As is the attendance at the end of the month!

Disney World In December: Holiday Season Tips And Managing Crowds

Have you decided which month is perfect for your next vacation to Walt Disney World? If you’re ready to travel during a specific time of year (or if you still need help figuring out the best time to travel), our friends at Travel Destination are here to help! Contact them here and a member of their authorized Disney Holiday Planner team will be in touch with you shortly.

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

Copyright © 2022 CTSA LLC Dad’s Guide to WDW is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company at all – we’re just die-hard fans! When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World? Your answer depends on how many letters. There are many factors that can affect crowds. It’s true, ANY day is a great day to visit Walt Disney World, but some days are easier than others. Here are some examples of factors that affect crowding:

The holidays affect everyone at Walt Disney World, and some are more influential than others. Holidays with long weekends (Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day) increase attendance relative to the surrounding weeks, but don’t have much of a benefit. Independence Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving bring moderate to heavy crowds, and the weeks leading up to and during Christmas and New Year’s draw significant crowds, often resulting in the park having to close when the park is at capacity. If you are flexible with your travel dates and avoid the above holidays, you can visit Walt Disney World in a less hectic time!

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Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023

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There are a number of regional events across the country that will impact your visit to Walt Disney World. Mardi Gras is a celebration held in large areas of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, three states within reasonable driving distance of Walt Disney World. These holidays fall on different dates from late January to early March each year, so some years attract more people than others. In early November, schools in New Jersey closed and many people headed south for a warm vacation in sunny Florida during “Jersey Week.” While the crowd impact isn’t huge, it’s certainly enough to make a difference. The Northeast has school holidays in February and the third week of April, which can affect overcrowding. March is known as “Spring Break” and will also attract local and regional tourists to Walt Disney World.

Disney World hosts a variety of special events, festivals, races and celebrations that draw visitors from far and wide. During the fall months, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Scary Halloween Party take place, while during the holidays all theme parks host a variety of special entertainment activities, including Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party. In the winter months after the holiday season, the Epcot Arts Festival leads to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival in the spring. In addition to special entertainment, Disney also hosts Disney-sponsored events throughout the year. Athletes from around the world come to Walt Disney World to compete in the critically acclaimed race, which sells out with 25,000 runners. Disney also hosts sporting events at ESPN’s Big World of Sports, which brings together cheerleaders and athletes for various competitions throughout the year. Be sure to speak to your Love the Mouse travel agent to decide when to attend or avoid

Disney World Crowd Calendar December 2023


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