January 31, 2023

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24 – JVB Colts basketball team beat Kellys at home today, 79-9 final score. Our JVB dominated the day with 34 points in a crazy game! Braden Sink got off to a strong start, leading our Colts in the first half with 14 points, way to go! The

Here is the list of student-athletes who made their first high school cut at Casteel High School. Many student athletes are currently in quarantine due to the Covid protocol and these athletes will be tested Wednesday through Friday, December 9-11. As a result, we reached the finish line for this one

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Dear Colt Community, With the latest news from the AIA, we host a high school winter sport (M/W basketball, M/W basketball, M/W wrestling) and a second varsity sport (boys basketball, cross country). , soft ball) was tried earlier than expected. Through many in-depth conversations with government officials (including Dr. Kara Christ,

Cusd 200 School Calendar 2017 18: First Day Of School, Vacations, Conferences

Which athlete was named all-district in his second season after starting the sport a few years ago?… It was Carson Ledbetter. After spending his early years playing baseball for a living, Carson began to pursue basketball. “He found out at summer league,” Carson said

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Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

WEEK OF THE WEEK   Monday, March 2 1st Hour – Sunday 1 2nd Hour – Court 3rd Hour – Court Tuesday, March 3rd 1st Hour – Court 2nd Hour – Sunday 1 3rd Hour – Wednesday, March 4th 1st Hour – Strength Day 2 / Court 3rd Hour – Riri/Court 6:00

Weekly schedule Monday, February 24 1st Hour – Strong Day 1 Hour 2 – Court 3rd Hour – Court Tuesday, February 25 First Hour – Court 2nd Hour – Strong Day 1 3rd Hour – Wednesday, February 26 1st Hour – Strength Day 2 / Lab 3rd Hour Computing – Track/Court Thanks to local employers for providing students with great work experience, District 200 is fortunate to have strong career programs at our high schools. , two high schools and a transit center.

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Pearl City School Community Unit School District 200 Calendar 2023

Thanks Chris Kuntz! Earlier this fall, Wheaton Warrenville South boys and girls cross country coach Chris Kuntz was named to the Illinois Track and Cross…

High School Performing Arts Calendar The High School Performing Arts Calendar is available to members of the community. There are many programs running in local high schools…

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

The board adopted the 2022 salary at the Board of Education meeting in November, said Director of Business Services Prof. Brian O’Keefe presented the table…

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Iasb Journal November December 2022 By Iasb Publications

Hail to our rising stars! Lauren Nielsen, Art Teacher, Franklin Middle School Congratulations to Ms. Lauren Nielsen to be named 2022 Middle School of the Arts…

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

The Illinois State Report Card was released at the Board of Education meeting on October 26, said Mrs. Melissa Murphy, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, to the Board of…

The Board approved $9.3M in requests for summer 2023 facilities projects, remaining committed to the Board’s commitment to bringing in funds and finding ways to repair critical infrastructure…

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Calendars / 2022 23 Official School Calendar

Board of Education Receives Leadership Award For the sixth year in a row, the Board of Education received the School Board Leadership Award from the Illinois School Association…

The Board of Education adopted the 2022-23 budget at its meeting on September 14, 2022, said Dr. Brian O’Keefe, business services assistant, gave the final round of the Board…

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Board of Education Receives Updates on Housing Programs As a district, we are moving forward to ensure that all students learn in the best and safest education…

North Boone Community Unit School District 200

D200 Security Situation A suspicious object is being investigated; School closed as a warning that North Wheaton High School is closing…

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Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Welcome, Keith Murray! Keith Murray has accepted the position of Assistant Principal at Pleasant Hill Elementary, replacing Mr. Bob Cerney, appointed…

Back to Health Reminders As we look to start the 2022-23 school year next week, we have some important health reminders to share with our health services…

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Oakland Cusd 5

Friends in town working together These photos are examples of friends in town working together! Earlier this year, the Wheaton Sanitation District came to the area…

The Board of Education is accepting applications to fill Superintendent positions At their meeting, Board President Chris Crabtree said the Board of Education is looking for residents who would like to consider…

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24

Thank you, Ben Michalak and Boy Scout Troop 23! Earlier in May, Wheaton North freshman Ben Michalak joined 20 other Boy Scouts and his father in Troop 23 across the…

San Juan Hills High School

The board recognized students involved in the arts. At its May 11 meeting, the Board of Education honored several students for their achievements in the arts.

Cusd 200 Calendar 2023 24


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